HP Deskjet 995c Printer series - Bluetooth wireless basics

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Bluetooth wireless basics

ten meters or less

Bluetooth wireless technology allows devices, such as printers and laptop computers,
to communicate over short distances (10m or less) using radio waves in the 2.4 GHz

To be Bluetooth wireless technology enabled, a device must have a Bluetooth
wireless radio module. The hp deskJet 995c series printer has an internal module.

Unlike infrared communications, Bluetooth wireless technology does not require a
direct line of sight between the sending device and the receiving device.

one device at a time

The printer can establish a Bluetooth wireless connection with only one device at a

If the printer is busy with a Bluetooth wireless connection, the Bluetooth LED light
flashes. The printer ignores any other device that tries to establish a connection. The
device must wait until the original connection is closed before it can establish a new